Debbie Rowley

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Debbie Rowley is an international artist, learning her craft originally in Italy. She has painted in Italy, Scandinavia and the UK. Her styles range from the delight of the Tuscan landscape through soul enhancing abstracts. She paints in watercolour, acrylics and oil. Debbie is married to Mike and has two sons. Ben is an architect in Leipzig and Alex is doing his PhD in Cambridge.


Please use the Contact Form at the bottom if you would like to commision a special item for your home or office. Debbie will understand exactly what you have in mind before she starts, and you will be delighted with the result. All pictures are originals - prints are never made if a piece is purchased. It is yours, and yours alone.
Prices start at the £300 level for a small watercolour, up to the £700 range for a large acrylic painting. This may sound a lot, but by the time materials (canvas, paint, frame) are taken into account it works out to be considerably less than UK minimum wage for the time taken.



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  •  Mistress


  •  Sweden


  •  A riot of colour

    A riot of colour

  •  Italy in the spring

    Italy in the spring


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  •  Dandelion


  •  Burst


  •  All on its own

    All on its own

  •  Stormy sea

    Stormy sea

  •  A field of flowers

    A field of flowers

  •  Stormy lighthouse

    Stormy lighthouse

  •  The magical forest

    The magical forest

  •  Moonset over the lake

    Moonset over the lake

  •  Mystical


  •  Tuscan hills

    Tuscan hills

  •  The coast near Gothenburg, summer 2010

    The coast near Gothenburg, summer 2010

  •  Dandelion


  •  Red


  •  Storm


  •  A bridge over the river

    A bridge over the river

  •  Oh, I do love to be...

    Oh, I do love to be...


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  •  Tweet


  •  Riot of colour

    Riot of colour

  •  Spring in Italy

    Spring in Italy

  •  Hils


  •  A walk in the woods

    A walk in the woods

  •  Stormy seas

    Stormy seas

  •  Underneath


  •  Fire


  •  Moonset


  •  Cornwall


  •  Orange flowers

    Orange flowers

  •  Serenity


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